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what to look for in a good kratom vendor

Kratom is a wellness-enhancing herb that is often compared to its relative, the coffee plant. High-quality kratom can help you think more clearly, feel energized, calm your nerves, or brighten your mood, depending on the strain you choose.

When you’re shopping for high quality kratom, your vendor should take care to provide you with a great experience. It’s usually best to buy kratom directly from a specialty retailer that tests its products for safety. Our guide can help you discover the qualities that make great kratom vendors stand out from the pack.

Kratom Basics

Kratom is a leafy, flowering evergreen plant that primarily grows in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is related to the coffee plant, and it can grow up to 80 feet tall. Southeast Asians enjoy kratom teas and powders as traditional medicine to relax and promote sociability. Most high-quality kratom is minimally processed and naturally dried in sunlight before it is fermented indoors, but some strains are dried and fermented indoors. Each curing, drying, and fermenting process can produce a kratom strain that has unique characteristics.

Kratom Quality

Make Sure Your Vendor Sells GMP Certified Kratom

Kratom is not regulated by the United States federal government, so it’s important to educate yourself and choose products carefully. Since kratom legislation varies by state, you should make sure to buy kratom from a licensed shop. Competent, law-abiding sellers usually display their credentials on their websites. As you shop, look for good manufacturing practice (GMP) certification that will help you identify high-quality kratom and reputable vendors. The American Kratom Association (AKA) GMP Standards program requires manufacturers and distributors to ensure the authenticity, integrity, safety, and quality of their kratom products and accurately label them with relevant, meaningful information. Approved and listed participants are authorized to display the “AKA GMP Qualified” seal on their packaging.

GMP certification indicates a commitment to independent, comprehensive testing of every kratom batch for quality, purity, and potency before and after the plant is processed. Good kratom vendors monitor product quality at every stage of development. Kratom leaves should be sourced naturally, harvested with care, and dried and cured correctly. Some corporations choose to source through fair trade choices, while others will go so far as to name the farm. If a kratom vendor is AKA certified, then you can feel confident about the integrity of their product.

Third-Party Lab Testing and Certificates of Analysis

Trustworthy vendors will provide plenty of information to help their customers feel good about their products. We make lab testing a top priority for ALL batches of our products!

In addition to GMP certification, vendors and suppliers can use third-party kratom lab reports to verify the quality of each batch of kratom. After testing kratom, a lab will issue Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) attesting to its purity, potency, and safety. Kratom should be free from heavy metals like lead, have appropriate levels of alkaloids, and contain no synthetic additives. Ethical vendors work with independent laboratories and do not use “in-house” labs. They should make any test results and COAS results available on their website or by request.

Good Vendors Educate Their Customers

Knowledgeable, reputable vendors should be accessible and willing to answer questions about the products they sell. They should also help customers acquire a deep understanding of their product and empower them to use it for their own wellness. Being knowledgeable about kratom can help customers identify good vendors more easily.

Variety of High-Quality Products

Kratom Strains

The best kratom vendors should stock a variety of kratom strains and products. offers a wide range of strains in their store to help you find the right strain for your needs. The primary types of kratom are gold, green, red, and white-veined kratom. These can be subdivided into 38 different strains, each with a different profile that describes its effects on energy, stimulation, pain relief, relaxation, and sedation.

Kratom Products

A good kratom vendor will offer a variety of products, which may include:

These options can help you curate your ideal experience. Some people prefer to buy kratom capsules because they are convenient to carry and have a little aftertaste. Others prefer concentrated kratom extract that can be used to make tea, beverages, or skincare.

Solid Online Presence

Most good kratom vendors will have an established online presence that includes a website, blog, knowledge base, and social media accounts. These vendors regularly update their content with timely kratom-related information and news and also post in-depth features. They should also provide detailed product descriptions of their offerings on their website.

Good Customer Reviews

When a kratom vendor has several genuine positive customer reviews on many different sites, they are likely to be reputable. You can usually trust verified customer reviews on third-party sites. Watch out for kratom vendors who pay for or write their own positive reviews; these practices make them unreliable.

Devoted Customer Following

When assessing a kratom vendor, good word-of-mouth goes a long way. You can get first-hand insight into the merits of a particular vendor or hear about awful experiences on independent online discussion forums. Great kratom vendors have devoted followings, and their customers are happy to share all kinds of insights about using kratom in everyday life.

Brand Longevity

Well-established brands can generally be counted on to provide high-quality products at fair and competitive prices. They have earned a good reputation for customer loyalty and satisfaction and proved their staying power. New businesses may be legitimate, but they may need to work a little harder to be worthy of your trust.

Competitive Pricing

When you shop for kratom, it’s important to buy from a vendor that will provide good value for your money. Price does not always equal quality. High-quality kratom may cost more, and low or discount prices could signal a substandard product. There are exceptions. It’s best to research the vendor and ask questions about what you’re getting before you buy. Avoid suppliers who make extremely bold claims and look for honest accounts of any product’s benefits.

Good Customer Service

Any good kratom business will provide friendly, reliable, and prompt customer service through a variety of channels, like live chat, phone, email, and direct message. Reputable merchants should respond quickly to any queries or issues you may have. Your vendor should be able to help you select the right product and process any returns or exchanges. Before you buy kratom, review the company’s shipping and return exchange policies if you have problems with your order. Reliable vendors build customer loyalty by making things right.

How to Choose a Kratom Vendor

Ultimately, choosing a kratom vendor will depend on your knowledge and preferences and the availability of kratom in your area. Now that kratom is sold online, you have many opportunities to find kratom varietals that work best for you. If you stay savvy and use good judgment, you’re sure to have a great experience.

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