Tusk Kratom Powder delivers an unmistakable potency, evidence of the fact that when you choose Tusk you’re choosing quality above all else. Anyone who’s been around the kratom space for any sustained period of time knows that all MIT is not created equal. At Tusk we have dedicated our time and effort at the root source of all things kratom. The source! Tusk kratom is derived from trusted plantations in Southeast Asia, where their leaves are prized for their potency and attention to potency. 

The trees which produce our kratom are ancestrally related to the original Maeng Da strain, meaning that the effective kratom which has become a cultural phenomenon in Asia, can finally make it’s way to your doorstep. Whether you like to dose your kratom and take it raw, or brew up a fantastically satisfying tea brewed exactly to your liking, at Tusk we aim to provide you with the best and most trusted kratom powder available online. 

They say variety is the spice of life, and at Tusk we can’t agree more. Choose between 4 distinct kratom powders, including Green Vein Powder, Red Vein Powder, White Vein Powder and Trainwreck Kratom Powder. No matter which kratom experience is your preference, there is a high quality option ready to ship today! Take advantage of the elite kratom legacy of the Maeng Da strain today, and enjoy the industry leading customer support and shipping service which has made Tusk Kratom the go to choice for quality kratom products!

flower Tusk Green Vein Kratom Powder with 30 Grams Maeng Da Kratom

Green Vein Powder

Our Green Vein Powder comes from Green Maeng Da kratom, considered to be amongst the purest of Kratom strains.
4.89 out of 5
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flower Tusk Red Vein Kratom Powder with 30 Grams Maeng Da Kratom

Red Vein Powder

Our premium Red Maeng Da kratom powder provides a relaxing and sedating effect that is hard to compete with!
4.75 out of 5
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flower Tusk Train Wreck Kratom Powder with 30 Grams Maeng Da Kratom

Train Wreck Powder

Train Wreck Powder is an elite mix of multiple strains of kratom. This unique blend combines the best features of the each of the strains and provides a stronger and superior experience!
4.86 out of 5
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flower Tusk White Vein Kratom Powder with 30 Grams Maeng Da Kratom

White Vein Powder

Our White Maeng Da Powder is the product of white vein kratom leaves that are harvested while the trees are still immature and growing.
4.83 out of 5
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