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Tusk’s Train Wreck Kratom Capsules were created by blending an elite mix of kratom strains, to provide the strengths and benefits of all of them. The result provides a stronger and superior experience than any single Kratom strain. There is no better way to incorporate a balanced kratom regime than the convenient Tusk Train Wreck Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are often considered the most convenient way to purchase and use Kratom. You won’t need a scale, nor will you need to take the time to weigh everything out. Capsules also minimize mess and clean-up, which makes them a great choice for those with limited time. All Tusk Train Wreck Capsules are contained in a vegan capsule containing 600mg of professionally encapsulated Kratom leaf powder. All our products are fully laboratory tested and finely ground to help ensure their high quality and consistency.

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6 reviews for Train Wreck Capsules

  1. 5 out of 5

    Michael Birzon (verified owner)

    Kratom is my go to remedy for my back pain. These are a high quality source and delivery is amazingly fast. I highly recommend these.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Michael Salas

    Train wreck is the best one Tusk has. I like to mix it with the white vein. I think Tusk is one of the best Kratom products you can buy, and in bulk the prices cannot be bear.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Lori McCallum (verified owner)

    I took this on a Sunday and it definitely relaxed me… into the next day even! I myself prefer the Green Vein capsules but I wanted to try these. A little strong for me but it absolutely works.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Ron (verified owner)

    Very helpful for back pain. Seem to be strong enough.

  5. 5 out of 5

    jackiecarolin (verified owner)

    Bought from this seller twice now. Love this product and have ordered twice from this seller. Wait time isent that bad. 4 to 7 days. Maybe make the delivery faster.. definately will only buy from this seller now

  6. 5 out of 5

    giajury (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Kratom for pain relief for 4 years, My tolerance was at an all time high so I started taking extract from a different company, (which worked for a while), until the formula changed. With the new formula I felt jittery and the pain was still there so I needed a switch. I also wanted to reset my tolerance and get off the extract and back to the regular pills. I researched and found Tusk was highly recommended. I was a little bit weary that the regular Kratom pills would work for me, but Tusk’s Train Wreck delivered. With most of these Kratom pills in a bottle you need to take 6 at a time to get the benefits and I need more than one dose per day so that would add up to 18 pills a day. That’s too much. Not with Train Wreck. I only need 2 per dose! That’s only 6 pills a day spaced out, (I take it like a medicine), and it WORKS! I’m so happy. I originally purchased one bottle to try it out and I just ordered 5! They have a new customer for life. Thank you Tusk!

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