Tusk Kratom is excited to present Kratom Capsules! The most convenient and efficient way to enjoy the kratom you need, along with intense potency you have to try to believe! Stop worrying about the mess and hassle that comes along with traditional kratom extract powder, and enjoy the difference that portability and ease of use that only capsules can provide. Vegan, and completely free of unnecessary fillers, Tusk Kratom Capsules are here to change the way you see kratom!

Utilizing leaves from only the best mitragyna speciosa trees, Tusk Kratom has, as always, put quality ahead of all else. Manufactured in our state of the art facility in Orlando, Florida, these kratom capsules represent the most trusted pills on the market. Ideal for any user who values convenience, but would also prefer a flavorless and minimalist experience, potency is always a given when you choose Tusk. 

Choose between two varieties, Gold Kratom Capsules delivering 110mg of MIT, or Platinum Capsules which deliver 178mg of MIT per capsule. Regardless of your preference, we’re positive that our unbeatable combination of top shelf MIT kratom, and natural, unadulterated quality will keep you coming back time and time again. Embrace convenience while at the same time enjoying the top rated customer support and shipping service that has made Tusk Kratom your go to source for all things kratom!

flower Tusk Gold Kratom Extract Capsules with 110mg MIT each

Gold Capsules

Tusk has taken Kratom capsules to the next level with the Gold kratom extract-filled leaf capsules.

5.00 out of 5
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flower Tusk Platinum Kratom Extract Capsules with 178mg MIT each

Platinum Capsules

Tusk has taken Kratom capsules to the next level with the Platinum kratom extract-filled leaf capsules.

4.93 out of 5
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