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oblate discs for kratom powder

There are three main easy ways to consume kratom powder. One is the toss-and-wash method, during which you simply consume the powder immediately followed by water. Another is to utilize kratom-filled capsules. The third is using oblate discs, which is the one that we will focus on here.

What Are Oblate Discs?

Oblate discs are, of course, circular, and they are also see-through. They are made of glutinous rice paper, meaning that they are, in fact, consumable although they have no taste or odor.

These originated in Japan while the term “oblate” comes from the Dutch word “oblaat.” The pairing of those factors was the result of the Dutch influence on that country as they engaged in regular trade for hundreds of years. Today, this food product that doubles as packaging is primarily used in that Asian country to enclose candy. Conversely, in the United States, it is usually associated with herbs and similar substances, such as is described here.

How to Prepare Kratom Powder-Infused Oblate Discs

Those looking to learn how to consume kratom powder through this method should get together an oblate disc, kratom powder, a plate, some water and a measuring device. Note that something simpler like a paper towel may be used in lieu of a plate as long as the surface underneath it is flat and stable. Make sure that your hands are dry throughout this process, or you will start the sealing process too early.

oblate disc with kratom
Pictured above is an example of an oblate disc with a measured dose of kratom powder. This will then be folded into a size that can easily be swallowed with water, effectively delivering the kratom without any unpleasant taste! Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Measure your kratom powder with the correct dose for your situation, keeping in mind that you can always create multiple discs in order to consume more powder in a given sitting. Lay out your oblate disc, and pour the powder into the middle of it. Now, you should repeatedly fold it over the top inwards towards the center around the disc until the powder is completely enclosed. In a way, this folding process is similar to both wrapping a Christmas present and making a burrito.

At this point, when you add water to the process, you can use one of a number of methods.

A common one is to simply immerse it in the water, but you only want it there for a few seconds before swallowing it. However, do not use your hands to touch it after it has gone in the water. A spoon can be used to scoop it out and into your mouth, or you may simply drink the water. However, if you do the latter, make sure that the oblate disc is swallowed right away. A spoon can also come in handy here; you can use it to push it towards the edge of the cup closest to your mouth.

Another option is to dip it into the water, still holding part of it with your dry fingers. If you do this method, make sure that your folding process results in it being in a more narrow and less circular shape and that there are no openings afterwards, resulting in loose powder.

Of those primary methods, most use the first one, and many recommend it for inexperienced consumers. However, if you do use either of those, remember that it is essential to consume it as quickly as possible as any delay will result in the water melting the oblate disc and defeating the entire purpose of this.

If you want to store some of these kratom powder-filled oblate discs for later, you should not use any of the above methods, considering that it being in contact with that much water will cause it to dissolve relatively quickly. Instead, incorporate just a small amount of moisture, whether from dipping your finger in the water and using that or licking the oblate disc like you would an envelope, to seal it shut. After doing so, rotate your oblate disc to ensure that there are no unsealed areas. If there are, seal them.

Parachuting Kratom with Oblate Discs

This consumption process is known as parachuting as, in a sense, you are parachuting your kratom powder down to your stomach with the oblate disc’s assistance.

Advantages of Oblate Discs for Kratom

The main advantage of utilizing oblate discs to ingest your kratom versus the toss-and-wash method is that the former allows you to do so without tasting any of the powder. This is a significant benefit for some as, admittedly, the taste of kratom is quite strong and has been described as bitter.

Also, many of those who use oblate discs for kratom instead of kratom capsules do so because they can consume much more of it in one swallow. This is because you can generally get up to 5 grams of kratom in one oblate disc – only up to 3 are usually recommended, however – while a capsule normally contains about half a gram of this powder.

Disadvantages of Oblate Discs for Kratom

If your focus is getting the powder into your bloodstream as fast as possible, the toss-and-wash method is what you should use. However, note that oblate discs only result in a minimal delay to this happening and that oblate discs dissolve in your stomach significantly faster than capsules do since they are much thinner than those are.

However, perhaps the most significant disadvantage of oblate discs is that they do not store well. This is particularly true if they are exposed to moisture during the storage process. Capsules are much better for this purpose.

Where to Find Oblate Discs

A simple Google search for “oblate discs” will deliver hundreds – if not thousands – of results for oblate disc purchasing options. They are extremely affordable and can be bought in bulk for relatively cheap (generally $10-$20 for about 200 individual discs).

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