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the convenience of kratom capsules

Have you ever asked yourself why the use kratom capsules has become such a popular trend? It is because they are one of the most convenient and easy ways to enjoy the benefits that kratom has to offer! These kratom pills have become so popular that they have even overtaken the popularity of consuming kratom tea. The capsules are a much-appreciated solution that eliminates the need to deal with messy powder or time-consuming tea recipes.

Many kratom users have even begun making their own kratom capsules at home with ease! If you want to turn kratom powder into convenient capsules, you have come to the right place!

What are the differences between kratom capsules and kratom powder?

The simple answer to this question is… not much! Essentially, a kratom capsule is the same as its powder counterpart, just packaged up into a convenient vessel that allows for easy consumption on-the-go.

Kratom capsules offer the same wellness-boosting properties as kratom powders, they are just much easier to deal with. Both capsules and powders promote well-being and positivity and offer the same medicinal properties that many users are seeking.

Kratom capsules provide more accurate dosing

One of the answers to the common question of “are kratom capsules better” is because they offer exact dosages in a pre-packaged form. When customers purchase kratom powder, they are forced to measure out doses with teaspoons or tablespoons. The step can be challenging for new users who don’t have as much experience with their own personal dosage needs.

The capsules are accurately measured so it is very easy and convenient to keep track of consumption. Furthermore, kratom capsules will help you track mood, symptoms, and other health-related variables.

After you have collected sufficient information, you can lower or increase kratom dose depending on the situation. In short, capsules provide an easier way to make an informed decision on when to dose and how much to take.

Kratom capsules are discreet

As mentioned earlier, kratom capsules are extremely discreet. If you are a kratom user, you may notice that consuming the herb in raw powder form, or mixing it publicly into a drink might draw some unwanted attention. Perhaps you’ve been there yourself: sitting in the airport or at the train station mixing up your drink while strangers give you confused looks. Capsules avoid those situations altogether!

Kratom capsules look similar to other vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs. If you wish for a kratom dose to boost focus in the middle of the day, you can do it easily without anyone knowing.

Kratom capsules have no taste

If you are a first-time kratom user, you might be curious about what kratom tastes like. Kratom tea has a unique taste that may take some time to get comfortable with. For some, the taste of kratom tea resembles a very strong cup of coffee.  And the powder itself in raw form can be very earthy and bitter. Even though kratom is advantageous to physical and psychological health, the taste and texture do not attract new users.

The nature of consumption is the biggest challenge when interacting with kratom. Kratom enthusiasts urge brewing its tea to consume the herb accurately and your preferred method will depend on your individual likes and dislikes. When in doubt, opt for capsules to get started!

Kratom capsules are easier to manage

Simply put, kratom capsules are easier to transport and manage than traditional powders or even extracts. You can easily carry the capsules on a trip without needing to worry about measuring devices or mixing tools. You also won’t need to carry a thermos or container to mix your powder with a drink. Just simply open the package, grab your capsules and go!

Moreover, the capsules are a more sustainable option. If you’ve ever traveled with kratom powder, you know that its very easy to encounter an unwanted spill. It can also be very messy to work with, especially if you are in a hurry to mix your powder with a drink. Nobody wants to deal with spilled and wasted kratom powder!

How to make kratom capsules at home

Undoubtedly, it is a lot more time-efficient to purchase pre-made kratom capsules. However, if you’re a DIY kind of person, you can make them at home daily as part of your routine! Here is a simple way to make kratom capsules yourself:

  1. Purchase raw kratom powder from Tusk Kratom. We offer high-quality herb that is sourced ethically. Refrain from purchasing kratom powder from unknown retailers, as quality is not guaranteed.
  2. Secondly, purchase a capsule making machine. These can easily be found on Amazon with a quick search and cost anywhere between $50 and $500 depending on how advanced of a device you are looking for.
  3. Thirdly, purchase gelatin capsules. These can be found virtually anywhere online and are relatively cheap and typically cost $5 – $7 for a package of 500 capsules.
  4. As an added option, you can also purchase parchment paper or a protective layer to catch the excess powder that does not make it into the capsule. Waste less kratom with this tip!
  5. Lastly, simply follow the directions on your capsule making machine to fill the empty capsules. It’s always a good idea to measure out your kratom so you know how much is in each capsule. This allows for consistent, predictable dosing.

If you are unsure about the size of the kratom capsule, size 000 will house one gram of kratom powder. If these are too big for your liking, you will need to research a smaller capsule size if you have trouble consuming larger objects.

Just keep in ming that smaller capsules mean more capsules will be required to achieve the desired dose. Regardless of the size, the entire procedure will depend on the capsule machine you’ve purchased. Most of them are pretty easy to use, though!

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