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Should You Buy Kratom Powder or Extract?

If you want to buy kratom powder, but are new to the process, lots of questions arise. We’ve all been there before. It starts with, what is kratom powder? Followed by, what is a kratom extract and how are kratom powders and kratom extracts different? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about buying kratom powder vs kratom extracts.

First, we’re going to look at what kratom powder is, why people use kratom, and how kratom powder differs from kratom extracts. After, you’ll get a quick lesson on kratom extracts before we break down exactly which is better, kratom powders or extracts.

Kratom comes in many different forms. You can buy kratom powder or different kinds of kratom extracts. When you know the differences between kratom powder and kratom extracts, it’s easier to find the right kratom product for your needs.

Some kratom product types are better than others for different reasons. Factors like lifestyle, expected potency, the onset of effects, and how long those effects last, should all be taken into consideration when you buy kratom online.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical plant originating from Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries in South Asia. Kratom’s scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. The leaves and roots of the kratom plant have been used as a natural remedy for centuries. For this reason, kratom is widely considered a natural plant supplement.

Why do People Use Kratom?

Some of the most common reasons people use kratom are to help manage chronic pain, reduce anxiety, improve depression, and combat addiction. Clinical research on the benefits of kratom is somewhat limited.

However, according to a paper published in The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, researchers state, “several online and in-person surveys note relief of depression and anxiety symptoms among those who consume kratom products, and in fact identify it as a common reason for consumption”. They go on to conclude that there is sufficient scientific evidence to suggest more research be conducted on the health benefits of kratom.

What’s the Difference Between Kratom Powder and Extract?

To know whether you should buy kratom powder or buy kratom extract, you need to understand the differences between extracts and powders. Luckily, it’s very easy to wrap your head around, but it’s easiest to start with the basics.

What is Kratom Powder?

Kratom powder is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a powdered form of kratom. Leaves from the kratom plant are harvested and dried before being ground into a fine consumable powder. That’s all there is to it. Because no other ingredients are typically added to kratom powder, it is considered a pure plant supplement.

Kratom powder can be consumed by itself as a tea. It can be smoked, which produces very rapid onset of effects, but is hard to judge dosage. Capsules of kratom powder are a great way to consume kratom with better dosage accuracy.

What are The Benefits of Kratom Powder?

Benefits of kratom powder vary from person to person and product purity is definitely an important one, but not the most widely reported. Many people report using kratom as a treatment for addiction. The effects of kratom have been said to reduce withdrawal symptoms from addictive drugs like opioid-based pain prescription medications, heroin, alcohol, or cigarettes. 

A comprehensive review of research related to kratom use and addiction was published in The Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence. After reviewing countless research studies on kratom use and mental health, researchers had this to say, “Findings indicate kratom’s potential as a harm reduction tool, most notably as a substitute for opioids among people who are addicted. Kratom also enhances mood and relieves anxiety among many users”.

This research points out two other commonly reported benefits of kratom, which are improving mood and relieving anxiety. Several research studies reviewed indicated a positive relationship between consuming kratom and lower levels of anxiety.

What is a Kratom Extract?

A kratom extract is a concentrated form of the plant compounds found in kratom, that are responsible for the plant’s supplemental effects. Without getting into too much of the science of kratom extraction, certain alkaloids in kratom are what give it such value as a supplement.

When you consume kratom powder, you’re consuming ground kratom leaves. Your body then has to digest the leaves to process the alkaloids before you can feel the effects.

Kratom extracts, on the other hand, have already been extracted from the kratom plant. When you consume kratom extracts, you’re consuming a pure form of the alkaloids. This allows your body to skip part of the digestion process.

Kratom extracts can then be used as ingredients in different kratom products. Kratom gummies, for example, are gummies made with kratom extracts. You can also buy kratom tinctures, oils, and other kratom-infused products.

What are The Benefits of Kratom Extracts?

As for the benefits of kratom extracts, the speed of effects is often at the top of the list. Since extracts are pure alkaloids, the effects of kratom extracts begin faster than consuming kratom powders.

Being highly concentrated also makes kratom extracts more potent than kratom powders. Each serving will have more alkaloids per volume than powdered kratom. Those who want the most potent kratom products may be better off with an extract.

Taste is another highly touted benefit of kratom extracts over powders. Flavored kratom gummies have a different taste than kratom powder in a tea. It’s not to say kratom powders taste bad, but as a pure plant supplement, they taste much more earthy and woodsy than flavored kratom extract products.

Kratom Powder vs Kratom Extracts: Which is Better?

Now that you know the differences between kratom powder and kratom extracts, it’s time to find out which one is better. Although, this can be a tricky answer, because it may be different for everyone.

Consuming kratom powder by itself in a tea, smoothie, or another type of drink is another great choice, especially if you like earthy flavors. However, it does take a little extra time to prepare, which can turn some people away. For people on the go, taking kratom powder capsules are discreet, and you can easily keep track of how much you’re taking.

If you don’t like kratom teas or earthy flavored beverages in general, then kratom extracts may be a better option for you. Plain kratom tinctures are going to be more earthy in flavor, but some tinctures of kratom will come with added flavors to make them tastier. The same goes for kratom gummies and any other kratom extract that can have flavors added to it.

When it comes to purity, that’s another question. Purity-wise kratom powder is as pure as it gets. There is no other processing in making kratom powders, other than grinding kratom leaves. If you’re a product purest looking for the most minimally processed kratom products, then kratom powder is for you.

Whether you decide to buy kratom powder or kratom extracts, you can rest assured you’re still getting a quality herbal supplement. Having been used as a natural remedy for so long, it’s surprising that knowledge of kratom’s benefits has taken so much time to begin spanning the globe.

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