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Why are Kratom Gummies becoming the next big thing? Let’s paint a picture. Doug wakes up in the morning, pulls himself out of bed with a mixture of excitement and nervousness about his day ahead. He tends to get in his own head on days in which he’s meeting a new client for the first time. He knows that when he opens his laptop and logs on, he’ll have only a few minutes to prepare for a video call that may just change his life, and hopefully that of a brand new client. His usual morning routine of taking the time to brew a perfect cup of kratom tea, his ritual in order to calm his mind and ease his nerves in preparation for a busy day will be rushed, and in that sense perhaps counterproductive to his original goal; get his mind and body into his optimal state of comfort and peace. Doug realizes that his morning kratom ritual is simply not optimized to fit the moment. He says to himself “there has to be a better solution!” Thankfully the latest trend in kratom, kratom infused gummies, are here to fill that void.

Kratom Users Historically Have Appreciated The Traditional Uses Of Kratom

One thing that can be safely said about kratom users is that when push comes to shove, we tend to honor tradition. From choosing kratom that comes from sources with legacies of excellence, to taking great pride in brewing the perfect cup of kratom tea, change is not something that is often embraced in our space. Meanwhile, Kratom Gummies are exploding in popularity. Today, we will explore why that may be and how we as a community of kratom users can take full advantage of the next evolution in MIT kratom!

Maeng Da Kratom as a species goes back centuries as a traditional source of relief for various ailments in Southeast Asia. Recent years have shown a resurgence in interest in the previously relatively unknown plant, and its use as a daily supplement (although to this point not approved as a use toward any medical condition by the Food and Drug Administration) has skyrocketed. 

It should come as no great surprise to any of us that while traditional kratom powder use continues to be widespread, that innovation, even within an industry headlined by a centuries old product, wins the day. Enter, the Kratom Gummy. We can imagine that over the years, countless sweet toothed afficionadios remarked to themselves that they wished a sweet kratom candy could replace the daily monotony of mixing powder or brewing tea. Ask, and you shall receive!

Tusk Kratom picked up the baton when others walked right past it. Imagine being able to crack open a simple to use, portable blister pack containing a delicious mandarin orange flavored kratom gummy. One delicious bite, and you’ve just consumed 35mg of the best MIT Kratom the planet has to offer. 

Kratom gummies from Tusk make your mornings faster, your evenings tastier and puts convenience at the center of the experience. Potent kratom has never been more accessible.

Regardless of the ease of use involved, it’s a simple fact that ultimately the most important thing to you is effectiveness. Tusk Kratom focuses squarely on experience and, that focus begins at the production level. We source our Kratom carefully from the renowned plantations in Southeast Asia; the very same plantations that indigenous groups have relied upon for hundreds of years. We then manufacture each and every kratom gummy, kratom powder product, and even our ground breaking kratom gum right here in the USA. 

It’s important to remember that while there are countless kratom varieties available, and many users from all over the world report positive results, kratom has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use against chronic pain, mental health issues, or any diagnosed or undiagnosed medical condition. 

We could not be more excited about the level of innovation that is occuring throughout the kratom world. With the best tasting kratom gummies in the world available right here at, we are excited to take the lead when it comes to providing you with quality kratom that you can trust, and to provide you with the top shelf customer support and shipping services that you count on.

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