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is it safe to bring kratom on a plane

Do you appreciate the many health benefits of kratom? And are you planning to travel by air soon? If so, you might be wondering if bringing kratom on a plane is allowed. And, if it is, how should you transport it?

Such questions are important to airline passengers everywhere. So let’s take a look at how you might enjoy your next trip without leaving your kratom behind.

Laws and Regulations

To start, it’s legal to bring kratom onto American commercial airliners. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has no rule against it. Likewise, there are no federal laws barring people from doing so.

State and Local Bans

At the same time, several states — along with some counties and municipalities — have banned kratom, at least for the time being.

In large part, those bans resulted from harm caused by contaminated kratom. Of course, those tainted supplies should never have been for sale. After all, any contaminated product sold on the street is dangerous.

Therefore, once more medical research has been completed, it’s very possible that those bans will be lifted. Or, once the public knows more about safe, health-giving, all-natural kratom, a strong shift in popular opinion could quickly change legislators’ minds.

Nevertheless, given the current situation, it’s wise to contact the office of tourism in each state you’ll be visiting. Inquire about the kratom policies in those places.

Indeed, even if you’ll be stopping someplace for a brief layover, it makes sense to know its kratom rules.

If your destination has banned kratom, just leave this herb at home. That way, you won’t get in trouble with airport security officials — or with police officers if you get pulled over. Otherwise, you could face fines.

International Travel

If you’re flying abroad, be especially careful about the rules. Be absolutely sure that the countries you’ll be visiting allow kratom.

Some nations punish people severely for possessing all kinds of substances, even natural herbs. To learn more, you could get in touch with the U.S. embassies in the countries you’ll be going to.

In fact, unless you’re 100% positive that your overseas destination permits kratom, you should leave it at home. Then, when your international trip is nearing an end, you’ll have something special to look forward to upon your return!

Airline Rules

On top of all that, different airlines have different rules regarding kratom and other items.

Therefore, why not place a quick call to your airline before you leave home? You could ask what its “flying with kratom” policies are.

Carrying Your Kratom

Many people are just now waking up to the powerful advantages of kratom, and many more are still unaware that it even exists. Thus, a TSA officer or another official could mistake this herb for an illicit substance. It helps, then, to be extra cautious.


For one thing, try to keep your kratom – especially kratom powder – in the package it came in.

If you don’t have that package anymore, label the packaging you’re using now. In large, clear letters, write: “KRATOM.”

Below that name, state that kratom is a safe herb and that you’re carrying it in compliance with TSA rules.

Moreover, if your doctor recommended or prescribed your kratom, have that documentation on hand.

Going Through an Airport

As you walk through an airport, keep your kratom inside one of your bags. Some airports are fine with people carrying this item in their hands, but others might not allow it.

Also, since many TSA employees are currently unfamiliar with kratom powder, they might question you about it. That’s true even if you have the right packaging or labeling. And you might find their questions to be somewhat harsh and aggressive.

Even so, stay calm. Don’t take offense — as you know, it’s nothing personal — and don’t look nervous or suspicious. Instead, answer all of the questions respectfully, confidently, and as completely as you can.

If you’re certain you’re following the rules about bringing kratom on a plane, you’ll be OK. In fact, you might view those questions as an opportunity to educate people about a product that’s helped you, a product you believe in.

A Word About Packaging

When you’re packaging your kratom, keep general TSA rules in mind. For example, the agency says that an airline passenger’s container of liquid may hold no more than 3.4 ounces. Remember that limit if you’re planning to travel with any liquid kratom products!

Likewise, your kratom packaging should be sealed tightly, with no openings that could cause leaks. You might wrap it in plastic layers, too, in case the air pressure changes inside your plane damage your packaging.

Furthermore, avoid putting kratom in the same suitcase or bag as other liquids.

Up, Up, and Away

To sum up here, in most situations, you’ll have no problem flying with kratom — whether it’s inside a carry-on bag or in a checked suitcase.

Even so, do a little research online before you leave home. Find out what this herb’s legal status is in the places you’ll be traveling to.

Better yet, if you know an attorney, that person might help you better understand the kratom laws in various regions.

Also, you could reach out to the TSA close to the day of your departure, just to verify that there haven’t been any last-minute changes to its kratom rules. You can find its contact information at

With all of that in mind, have a safe and happy trip, and keep on enjoying your kratom!

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