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extending the shelf life of your kratom

Are you unsure how to make your kratom last longer? Extending kratom shelf life is not difficult to do and we’ve got some tips that will help you accomplish this! The primary requirement when storing kratom is that it stays dry wherever it is placed. Therefore, the best place that guarantees to preserve kratom integrity is going to be an area without any moisture exposure. Here are some tips:

  • You can extend the shelf life of kratom by storing it in mason jars. However, high-quality vacuum-sealed bags and Tupperware will do too.
  • Keep your kratom powder bag sealed and even consider double and triple packaging.
  • Store your kratom in a dark, cool, and dry place.
  • Some consumer have reported using silica packs to make kratom last longer.
  • When measuring out kratom, ensure you are always using a dry measuring spoon to avoid exposure to moisture.
  • It’s also important to keep an eye on the integrity of your kratom to ensure a long kratom shelf life. Be sure to assess it for mold, external variables, and mildew. If you notice discoloration or clumping, your kratom has likely been exposed to moisture.

If the tips above are practiced frequently, your kratom will last for eight to 12 weeks, if not longer! These steps will help to maintain your kratom’s potency and extend its lifetime.

Bonus Technique:

Another popular way to ensure your kratom powder lasts longer is to divide the powder into jars or Tupperware containers – anything that is air-tight. As a result, if one portion of your kratom becomes contaminated or exposed to moisture, the rest will remain usable. The strategy avoids cross-contamination to extend kratom shelf life.

How to find the perfect place to store kratom?

We understand it can sometimes be troublesome to find an appropriate storage place kratom. Remember, readers, moisture and humidity are the biggest threat, so do not place kratom where it can access these variables! Do not store it under sinks or close to the shower. Keep it away from all spots with running water!


If you have purchased any of our kratom capsules, then there are additional things to consider. The kratom-containing capsules will not stay the same over time. This is because the powder will deteriorate much faster. Therefore, ensure they stay in an airtight container. Moreover, you can store them in a bag that does not let the air enter.


Other than water, sunlight is also a major concern. The heat and UV rays harm the sun will harm the kratom and shorten its shelf life. Even though the alkaloids in kratom stay stable in a safe condition, sunlight will damage the bond between them.

How to extend the kratom shelf life?

Knowing how to store your kratom is a major part of making it last longer. There are other components involved that will maintain the freshness as it can become vulnerable to unpredictable temperature, light, and air.

To simplify the discussion, store kratom like any other herb in the kitchen. For example, rosemary, parsley, oregano, or thyme.

Careful Handling of Kratom Packaging

When you prepare the herb, use a clean spoon to take out the necessary kratom dose. After that, immediately close it with a lid. If kratom is exposed to air for long periods of time, its shelf-life can shorten due to oxidization. Lastly, ensure the packaging is always sealed and placed vertically. Do not store kratom in horizontal containers.

Storing Kratom

Decomposition is caused by foreign elements such as heat and sunlight. Therefore, follow the guidelines above to ensure a safe storage space. Store it in cold and dark places to ensure its freshness and potency.


If you wish to make kratom last longer, you must keep it at room temperature of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not place your kratom container near windows, conditioners, radiators, stoves, or humidifiers and DEFINITELY avoid direct sunlight exposure.


There is much discussion regarding using specific containers to store kratom. Opt for sealed and dark containers that will prevent light from penetrating. Furthermore, the sealed attribute will prevent kratom from going bad or losing its potency.

Does kratom powder go bad?

Are you wondering does kratom expire? The later section of the discussion focuses on herbal deterioration and expiration. We will also mention indicators that signal the herb is unsafe for consumption.

In short, the answer to the question “does kratom powder go bad” is yes – BUT it can be prevented! Most kratom powders will not last more than 90 days if stored carelessly. When the kratom “goes bad,” it essentially loses its influence and potency.

If you are unsure if your kratom has expired, here are a few things to look out for:

  • The kratom powder will change color dramatically. As a result, the herb is ineffective and has completed its lifetime.
  • The kratom releases an unpleasant odor, a clear indicator of its expiring potency.
  • Lastly, avoid kratom products if you are unsure of its texture or something seems off about it. Consumption of kratom that has gone bad or has been exposed to prolong periods of heat, light, or moisture can cause unpleasant side effects in some cases.

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