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common questions about kratom

Like many, you probably find yourself asking many questions about kratom. You may be wondering about its properties, benefits, and common methods of consumption. Since you’ve landed here, we assume that you’re interested in learning more about kratom. Even though many kratom enthusiasts are generally familiar with its attributes and limitations, those who are new to herbal remedies often don’t know much about it. Continue reading to discover what makes this wonderful herb so unique!

Kratom Facts

Before we move on to the frequently asked questions about kratom, here are a few facts about the herb that you might find helpful.

Fact 1: Kratom is Organic and Natural

The Kratom tree is a close relative of coffee. The plant is native to Thailand, Borneo, and other Southeast Asian countries. It has been used natively for centuries as an everyday ingredient and in many spiritual rites.

Kratom comes in a wide variety of strains, which you’ll learn about later in this article. Strains are generally distinguished by fermentation methods, amount of time left in sunlight, or UV-light treatment.

Fact 2: Kratom is Extremely Versatile

Kratom and other plant-based medicines are a fast-growing trend in westernized medicine. This is largely because many people are shifting towards a more organic approaching of treating ailments, rather than relying on artificially produced compounds.

The natives of southeast Asia typically chew the leaves as they are very familiar with and accustomed to the taste. However, the western world is generally less accepting of the bitter taste. Therefore, many prefer turning kratom leaves into powder which is easier to mix in foods and drinks. Moreover, there are kratom capsules in the market that you can travel with and consume throughout the day with ease.

Fact 3: Kratom Complements Bodily Functions

The alkaloid-based composition makes kratom easily processed by the body. It has also been reported by thousands to improve certain types of bodily functions, as well as boost mood and energy. However, it is highly advised to consume kratom with plenty of water to regulate your hydration levels. This will also bring out the most optimal benefits that kratom has to offer.

Kratom FAQ

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that grows in southern Asian countries such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Its leaves have gained immense popularity for their sedative, stimulant, and mood boosting properties. However, kratom use has been documented in Asian traditional medicine for centuries.

How is Kratom Consumed?

Most kratom enthusiasts consume the herb in a pill, extract, or capsule form. However, others prefer to chew the leaves to unleash their stimulant effects. Kratom leaves can also be brewed into a tea. Lastly, the herb’s leaves are also eaten in native foods.

What Kind of Side Effects Does Kratom Have?

Excessive high-dose consumption can cause sweating, nausea, dry mouth, and itching. Frequent urination and loss of appetite are also common. The herb has also been reported to cause constipation when consumed at higher doses.

Can You Take Too Much Kratom?

Very few incidents have ever been reported due to overconsumption of kratom. However, the majority of these events were linked to individuals taking kratom mixed with other substances, often illicit or illegal. This combination of substances made the solution very potent, which is intolerable to the human body. Therefore, it is never advised to mix kratom with alcohol or other mood / mind-altering substances. A good rule of thumb is to always start small and work your way to a comfortable level to achieve the desired effect(s).

What are the Different Types of Kratom?

The various types of kratom are generally categorized by the color of the vein in the leaves being harvested. White, green, and red are the 3 most common vein colors and strain variations. Each type carries unique characteristics that make it popular to their targeted consumer.

  1. White vein kratom introduces focus, high energy levels, and a euphoric state.
  2. Green vein kratom will encourage you to interact and socialize in the community.
  3. Red vein kratom will offers pain-relieving and sedative effects.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of kratom products that blend various amounts of the different strains to produce specific effects, such as our Trainwreck Kratom.

What Does Kratom Taste Like?

If you have ever consumed a cup of kratom tea, you might describe it as sour and/or bitter. Moreover, the raw taste of kratom can be very unattractive to some, with an earthy odor and taste. On the other hand, many consumers appreciate the organic smell and taste of kratom. If you have issues with the taste / smell of kratom, you may want to consider trying our Kratom Capsules which offer a much more convenient form of consumption.

Is Kratom an Opiate?

The simple answer to this question is NO – Kratom is NOT an opiate or opioid. From a chemical composition standpoint, kratom is extremely similar to coffee in its molecular structure and the kratom tree is even in the same family as coffee. And while kratom may share similar effects to some opiates, the level of intensity is significantly lower.

Scientific experts cannot place kratom into the opiate category because of how structurally different it is from all opiates. Technically speaking, kratom and opiates do stimulate the same receptors within the human brain, however, they are distinctly different in terms of chemical composition.

How Does Kratom Work?

When a person consumes kratom in any form, the 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine targets specific receptors within the brain. Due to this chemical reaction, the person will often experience a wide variety of effects depending on the strain. These effects range from pain relief to energy to euphoria.

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