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kratom and cbd

Kratom and CBD are the subjects of countless studies in science, and you can find thousands of positive reviews on the internet from satisfied customers. Many individuals use a combination of these substances to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety; however, these are by no means the only reasons for their use.

Kratom and CBD have their similarities as well as their differences, but they are a match made in heaven. Understanding how they work and the effects they produce will help you choose the best one, or both, when trying to achieve certain results.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a compound that comes from the sativa cannabis plant. It does not possess any type of psychoactive element like THC, its cousin, which means it doesn’t produce a “high” effect.

Benefits of CBD:

  • Pain relief
  • Seizure relief
  • Better sleep
  • Reduce mood changes
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Improve overall well-being
  • Improve skin health
  • Pet health and wellness

What Is Kratom?

Kratom comes from a tree found in different tropical areas of Southeast Asia. For centuries and to this day, people have used kratom as a natural remedy for physical pain and anxiety. The medicinal effects of kratom come from its leaves, which contain several healing compounds like 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, both of which produce analgesic effects when they come into contact with opioid receptors in the spinal cord and brain.

Benefits of kratom:

  • Relieving pain
  • Mood improvement
  • Increase energy
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Sleep issues

Kratom comes in a rainbow of colors, each with its own set of effects. Red vein, white vein, and green vein are the three primary types of kratom, with each type receiving its name based on the hues of the leaves, including their core stems and veins.

Mixing Kratom With CBD: What Is Synergy?

Why are people falling head over heels in love with kratom and CBD? Because when combined, they produce a synergistic remedy to many of life’s problems, including anxiety, physical and mental pain, and so much more. While each of these chemicals is powerful on its own, they offer even more promise when combined.

Synergy occurs when two or more substances work together to create an effect that is greater than the sum of their individual parts. It’s the concept that the whole is superior to the components. If you want kratom and CBD to have a synergistic effect on you, you’ll have to experiment with different dosages to determine what works best for your body.

Similarities Between Kratom and CBD

Kratom, like CBD, comes from a plant; many farmers cultivate hemp specifically for the purpose of extracting CBD. Neither the United States nor Canada currently cultivate kratom on a commercial basis.

Numerous studies highlight the use of CBD and kratom for their positive effects on sleep. Furthermore, there is an endless supply of testimonies from people who use kratom and CBD to support this. Although preliminary evidence from surveys and self-reports confirms kratom’s effectiveness in alleviating feelings of anxiety and depression, further research will teach us more about its ability to improve sleep.

Kratom has undergone less research as a pain medication than CBD, and most evidence for kratom’s effectiveness as a pain reliever is anecdotal at this stage. However, CBD, like kratom, has been extensively researched due to its potential uses as a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

In deciding between kratom and CBD for pain treatment, CBD has the most scientific evidence backing it for this purpose. Kratom, on the other hand, has more research to support its use as an energy booster. In fact, CBD has more documentation praising it for its calming effects while kratom is well known for increasing energy.

Should You Use CBD, Kratom or Both?

Individual preferences play a significant role when choosing between kratom and CBD. In the United States, you can only sell and buy CBD if it contains 0.3% or less THC, whereas kratom is completely unregulated. This highlights the necessity of finding reliable cultivators and manufacturers. Customers should carefully assess the CBD and kratom products they purchase, looking at labels for potency levels and the use of contaminants during the growing process.

As far as passing drug tests, both CBD and kratom are detectable, but it requires testing specifically for each substance. It’s far more likely that an employer will test for kratom than CBD. Understanding how your employer’s drug tests work will significantly help you know which substances to avoid.

Understanding How to Combine CBD and Kratom

The effectiveness of a CBD and kratom combination is more specific to the kratom vein than to the CBD itself. This is because the effects of kratom are often more intense.

We are by no means medical professionals, so we highly recommend seeing a physician before beginning a CBD and kratom regimen. No matter how you start your combination of the two substances, always begin with a low dosage of each one and increase both doses slowly to reach your desired results.

When combining kratom and CBD, we advise beginning with a modest dosage of three to four grams of kratom (about 1 teaspoon) and not exceeding 10mg to 15mg of CBD. The best type of kratom to mix with your CBD depends on the results you desire.

If you want to increase energy and achieve higher levels of concentration, we recommend combining your CBD with white-vein kratom. To enhance your overall mood and become more chatty, we recommend green-vein kratom. And to induce an overall feeling of relaxation and calmness, we recommend red-vein kratom. Yellow-vein kratom is a new type, but you can mix it with CBD to enhance its overall effectiveness in producing energy and positivity.

Recipe ideas for CBD and kratom:

  • Kratom tea with CBD
  • CBD brownies with kratom
  • Kratom honey sticks with CBD
  • Kratom juice with CBD
  • CBD cinnamon oatmeal with kratom
  • Vegan peanut butter kratom cookies with CBD
  • Kratom marinara sauce with CBD

Are You Ready to Create Your Own Kratom and CBD Combination?

Not everyone will react the same way to kratom and CBD. This is why it’s so important to contact a physician before you begin any medicinal regimen, especially if you suffer from physical or mental impairments and already take certain medicines. Always start out with small dosages of kratom and CBD, increasing both of them gradually until you achieve your desired results.

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